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5 Glass Painting Project Ideas to Get You Inspired

Happy November Muse Kits Friends!


It's nearing the end of the year, but it's not too late to start a new art hobby. Okay, let’s be honest; it's never a bad time to start a new art hobby! This month, we’re bringing you a fantastic new medium that's sure to get you hooked: glass painting!


Glass painting uses a special type of paint that won’t slide off slippery surfaces like glass and ceramic. It's very easy to apply and is mostly streak-free, so it has the most impact possible. We’ve also added an outliner so you get your linework perfect with every artwork. In the kit, we’ve provided you with acrylic sheets to practice on and make flat artwork and a mason jar to try it on something three-dimensional. But today, I’m here to give you some inspiration for taking your glass art to the next level.

Are you excited? Because I am! So what are you waiting for? Let’s get into the ideas!

Upcycling is Fun!

All of these ideas can be executed using new glassware, but I highly recommend trying out your new art form on recycled materials. Not only is it budget-friendly, but it's eco-conscious too. Instead of throwing away glass jars like those from used candles or food items like mayonnaise, pickles, or coffee, wash them, get rid of the glue and labels, and store them away for a rainy day. This way, you’re getting your ‘canvas’ for free!


Another great source of glass to paint is thrift stores. You can find mirrors and glassware for very affordable prices, take them home, and use glass painting to make them unique. Thrift stores are treasure troves of weird and unusual finds, but you can also find a piece that’s, frankly, quite ugly, and you can upcycle it into something beautiful.


Of course, no matter what glass you’re using, make sure to clean it well and dry it to remove any dust and food residue on the surface that may interrupt your work.

Personalized Drinking Glasses

This idea is probably the most popular with the bridal shower crowd right now, and it makes complete sense as to why. Even someone who thinks they have no artistic skill can paint a simple floral pattern that scatters across the glass in a very appealing way. Then, each guest gets to go home with a unique gift to commemorate the moment.

Saying that, this kind of vessel also gives you the opportunity to create a continuous scene that runs uninterrupted around the whole circumference. Painting drinking glasses can be as intricate or simple as you want, and they will come out looking beautiful.

To paint glasses successfully, I suggest avoiding painting around the rim, where it is prone to chipping on your teeth. It's also important to paint only on the outside if you want the glass to remain functional. To retain the designs, only wash gently by hand.

watercolor painting outside

Stained Glass Scenes for the Windowsill

I don’t know about you, but I love stained glass! Unfortunately, I, and probably many of you, am renting, so actually getting it fitted in your house is perhaps a stretch. Luckily, glass painting is here to help!

To save the actual window, I suggest using small sheets of glass or the acrylic sheets that come with the kit. The glass can be propped up on the window sill, or you can stick the acrylic sheets onto the window.


What’s great about this idea is that you can theme them to each room. Maybe a windowsill full of flowers in the living room or an ocean motif in the bathroom? Is your kid into cars? You could paint a series of little cars driving along the windowsill. The subject matter is really only limited to your imagination.

use paint on glass or acrylic sheets to created a stained glass look

Embellished Storage Containers

Regular glass storage containers are useful, but they’re not much fun, are they? With glass painting, you can jazz up a boring, utilitarian object and make it fit your personal style. You can also use the glass paint to add a label so your jars are more organized. This is my favorite craft to use upcycled materials for! There are so many products that come in good, sturdy jars with lids that are perfect for storing a variety of items.

You can use your embellished jars to store cotton pads and Q tips in the bathroom and fit the design with your bathroom decor. Then, you could do the same with rice, pasta, and other grains in the kitchen. Carry this through your house, and all your storage will be super aesthetic!

upclose paint on glass ornaments

Spicing Up a Simple Mirror

We all have mirrors in our houses and, let’s be honest, most of the time they’re pretty boring! Elaborate mirrors are very expensive, and even then, you might not be able to find one that perfectly suits your personal style. Glass painting allows you to decorate your mirror exactly how you want it to look.


Now, of course, you can’t do anything too big or in the center because you still want the mirror to be functional. Something as simple as a floral pattern running around the edge could completely transform a basic mirror. Or you could have more fun with balloons, insects, sea creatures, or, again, any imagery that fits the aesthetic of the room it lives in.

spectrum noir brush marker drawing a ghost

Hanging Glass Paintings

If I know you all, you’ll want something a little more large-scale at some point, and full glass paintings are the natural place to land. There are two ways you can do glass paintings. The first is using the technique all the previous ideas use, which involves painting directly onto the front of the glass.


But the second way has become very popular recently, especially for anime art. This technique involves layering the paint on the back of the glass to look crisp and clean from the front. So you start with the linework, then add the highlight colors before adding the background color across the whole piece. This allows you to be much less precise with later layers, even though it will look super precise from the front.


up close shot of paint over an acrylic sheet in place of glass

The materials to make these paintings are super easy to acquire. All you need is a simple glass frame intended to hang a picture in. You can use the glass as a ready-made ‘canvas’ that comes with its own frame to keep your artwork safe when it's done.

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