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NerdECrafter & Muse Kits*

(*previously known as Smart Art)

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Ermehgerd here we go again!

The Original NerdECrafter ”Not Another Crap Kit” was the result of three years of product development, craft supply testing, and quality assurance that culminated in the ultimate crafting kit to help newcomers and experienced crafters alike dive into an all-in-one box to begin their sculpting journey. It was no surprise that not every item that was tested wasn’t able to make it into the final box (did you see how full that thing was?). Before the boxes were even packed, another super idea popped into Jackie’s head: the first mold is amazing, but wouldn’t it be great to give the character figure a mythical companion?

NerdECrafter and Smart Art Box proudly bring you the “SUPER Not Another Crap Kit” full of a completely new set of crafting supplies that even the most experienced of crafters may find brand new! Featuring a hand-sculpted mold by Jackie herself, let your imagination soar and create your own mythical beast to inspire even the saltiest of grains. With stunning paints, a sharp pointy thing, and your very own airbrush, think outside the box and craft something truly all your own.

Welcome to the Salt Shaker Family!

NerdeCrafter Super not another crap kit Taxes Included!
Super not another crap kit!


Exclusive Molds

  • NerdECrafter’s Assorted Creature Wings Silicone Mold
  • NerdECrafter’s Hand-Sculpted Figure Silicone Mold
  • NerdECrafter’s Character Circle Base Silicone Mold

Sculpting Materials

  • PermaStone Casting Compound - 28oz
  • Cosclay Medium Firm - 1lb
  • Cosclay Clearbond, Oven-Cure Adhesive - 2oz

Sculpting Tools

  • Super NerdE Silicone Work Mat
  • Super NerdE Sharp Pointy Thing - Craft Knife
  • Super NerdE Double Ended Sculpting Tools - 5pcs
  • Super NerdE Rainbow Stainless Steel Sculpting Tool Set with Case
  • Super NerdE Dual Angle Craft Sanding Sticks 2pk
  • Armature Wire - 1/16 x 32 ft

Exclusive Paint Set and Painting Tools

  • Super NerdE Jacquard Airbrush Paints Set
  • Super NerdE Portable Airbrush Kit
  • Super SaltE Brush Set
  • Small Silicone Mixing Dish
  • Double Sided Sculpting Wheel
  • DecoArt Chalk Paint 2oz (Primer)
  • 6-Well Paint Palette

Thoughtful Super SaltE Extras

  • Collapsible Bowl
  • Silicone Spatula
  • Collapsible Funnel
  • Plastic Measuring Cup
  • Rubber Band Pack
  • Popsicle Sticks
Included Product Included Product Included Product
$134.99 USD
$149.99 USD

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What if I miss out?

Sad to say, if you miss out on this sale, we cannot guarantee these boxes will be sold again, this is a limited quantity sale and will end once Sold Out.

Can I buy individual items, ie. the Custom Hand Sculpted Mold, separately?

No, unfortunately these are a part of the special edition box, and will be sold as part of this limited time event [Don't miss out!].*

*Mold may be subject to remakes

Where do you ship to?

All over the world, except two (2) countries. Unfortunately we do not ship to the United Arab Emirates or South Africa.

How long are the boxes available for purchase?

Last stock sale! Available until sold out.

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What is your return policy?

Unfortunately we don't accept returns. If there's an issue with a product you received, please Contact us.

What ages are this kit recommended for?

Recommended ages are 12 years old and older, with adult supervision for ages under 18 years old.

$134.99 USD
$149.99 USD