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Artists Who are Famous for Using Alcohol Inks

Alcohol inks are an exciting new medium in the art world that allow a free flow of expression with a variety of techniques. Artists who specialize in alcohol inks have developed styles that range, from representational art that captures the natural world, to abstract art specializing in serene and gilded designs.

The powerful punches of color, use of non-absorbent surfaces, and ability to maintain a clean seal with resin have allowed alcohol ink art to captivate a wide range of art enthusiasts. This artwork is a beautiful way to decorate your walls, as well as all manner of household objects. Alcohol ink artists are famous for their versatility in substrates, as they paint glass vases, jewelry and metals, and functional wooden pieces. No matter what substrate they drop their ink onto, the pieces always come out looking stunning.

1. Astuary Art by Marissa Recker

Marissa Recker creates serene, abstract art using alcohol inks. In addition to the alcohol ink, she has developed a method of painting acrylic layers over the design. This allows her to clarify the lines and add detail. Her designs often appear to have natural inspirations, such as marbling, glaciers, and flowers.

2. Natalia James Designs

Natalia James Designs works her magic ink on all forms of items meant for interior design and beautifying the home. Her artwork ranges from paintings to decorative planters, coasters, and pedestals. She has developed an abstract minimalist style, punctuated with light gilded outlines lines.

3. Ksenyart

Kseyart creates bold and often cool-toned alcohol ink artwork. While she implements her own abstract style, her designs follow floral patterns and elegant gilding. She uses her instagram to give brief tutorial, videos, and how-tos for her alcohol ink techniques.

4. Aesthetic Alchemy Art

Aesthetic Alchemy Art uses a mixed media approach that incorporates alcohol ink and acrylics into floral paintings. The mixed media approach allows Aesthetic Alchemy Art to work with more representational designs and develop interesting textures on the canvas pieces.

5. Charlotte Vale

Charlotte Vale uses earth tones, jewel tones, and elegant pastels to bring out the alcohol ink's truly translucent potential. She designs original artwork as well as what she calls functional art, such as jewelry dishes and coasters.

6. Alexis Bonavitacola

alexis bonavita

Alexis Bonavitacola is an alcohol ink artist who is very active in the alcohol ink community, as she shares and promotes not only her own original works, but also the works of others. She offers online courses in alcohol ink painting, as well as free tutorials to help aspiring artists master some of her techniques. Her style uses vibrant colors that truly test the fluidity and control of the alcohol inks she uses in her abstract and representational pieces.

7. Louise Christian

louis christian

Louise Christian uses alcohol inks to paint natural scenes, such as forests, trees, flowers, and mushrooms. Her painting range from impressionistic to realistic. Her techniques make use of bold, bright colors and unique textures. To create her full desired vision, she mixes the media by drawing over her paintings with ink pens.

8. Lou Jordan

lou jordan

Lou Jordan creates mixed media art that blends painting and collage. The paintings feature alcohol inks as both a base layer and over-layer for texturing. The alcohol ink paintings are influenced by literature and reverie, and they offer an expressive nature that diverges from the more common minimalistic style of alcohol ink art.

9. Lone Zimino

Lone Zimino is a an alcohol ink artist who excels at destabilizing the fluidity of the alcohol ink to create unique and extraordinary cell artwork. Often depicting flowers, both realistic and abstract, the artwork has a distinct, meticulous finish that allows it a sense of detailed simplicity. Additionally, Lone Zimino displays both the techniques and process of their artwork on Youtube to contribute to the community and help other artists.

10. Maleri Art

Maleri Art is an Instagram gallery run by three sisters who each contribute. Their alcohol ink artwork and glazing uses beautiful grained wood as a substrate for clearly rendered natural landscapes, such as beaches and ocean water. The experimental resin art allows them to create functional artwork, including jewelry and coasters.


11. Roxy Syroid

Roxy Syroid uses heavy, bold outlining in white and gold to create distinctive compositions. Flow is present, not only in the alcohol ink blending technique, but also in the composition and design. Roxy Syriod  often uses marble as a substrate and creates landscapes by adding in pebbles and  other minerals to texture and illustrate.

12. Karen Louise Art

Karen Louise creates calming and clear images with flowing muted tones. While the majority of the paintings are abstract, Karen Louise's style features unique texturing. Many of these paintings have the appearance of realistic minerals, as well as designs that are reminiscent of landforms.


For more information on alcohol inks and how you can get started making your own unique flow artwork, check out other other articles on alcohol ink techniques and blending with alcohol inks.

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