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How to Draw the Perfect Circle

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No need to be an artist to know to master drawing a perfect circle – a very handy skill if we say so ourselves!

One easy method is of course to find something circular, from a stencil, to a CD, to the bottom of a can and simply trace!

But if you don’t have anything at hand, or if you just want to challenge yourself, there are other options!

Do you still have that drafting compass from your high school math class? If so, go and grab it now! You’ll need to put a pencil in the open leg of the compass and adjust it to the radius of your circle. Set the stationary leg at the middle of the circle on your paper. And keep that leg stable as you move the leg with your pencil around in a circle. And voilà!

For those of you without compasses you can make your own!

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You’ll need paper, string and a pencil.

First, cut a piece of string about 4”-5” longer than your radius. Tie one end of the string to a short pencil. Place the point of the pencil toward the outer edge of the paper with enough room from the edge to make a full lap. Pin through the string into the paper at the center. With a taut string, move your pencil around in a circle.

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Now that you have mastered that circle, what will you draw next…

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