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Meet Aurora! Our August Smart Art Box Challenge Winner


Cherry Blossom By Aurora


Every month we release our curated box of art supplies, we challenge our subscribers to a weekly creative prompt. This past August we rolled out 4 prompt challenges and asked everyone to post and share what they came up with for the following themes: Cherry Blossom (Sakura), Bamboo, Dragon and Bird. Everyone’s creations were inspiring to say the least, but today we are highlighting our August challenge winner Aurora, @Aurorasartworld. Read our interview with Aurora below. 

SAB: How long have you been creating, and what got you started? We saw Bob Ross is an inspiration, can you tell us a little more about his role in your development? 

A: I would never have seen his show growing up had it not been for my mother who avidly watched his show. She's an oil painter and crafter so I guess watching him made sense for her. I was always interested in art being around it all the time. Both my parents are very creative. My father, as well, is a cartoonist and likes to draw realism also. I guess you could say all three of them, Bob, my mother and father, have always been a huge influence on me. I kinda got the best of all sides lol. 

SAB: You don't hold back from participating in all the mediums of art. We consider this to be very brave, whereas most people stick with one or two choices. What gives you the fuel to try it all, from drawing to watercolor to mixed media and everything in between? You even do card crafting. 



                                   Bamboo and Bird by Aurora

A:  Art is art.. I think if you have a creative need, you're more likely to be drawn to different mediums. You might not be the greatest at them but if you enjoy what you're doing, keep going! It doesn't hurt you to try something new. You can only learn from it. 

SAB:  What's your intention when you make art, if you have one?

A:  Money.... Just kidding lol... I sometimes wake up, with an idea in my head, in the middle of the night and I have to make it! If I put it off or can't find the time, it drives me crazy until I do! 

8 years ago, when my husband died, art is the only thing that kept me sane. It's truly a metal health, and healing meditation for me. 

SAB: What made you want to try Smart Art Box? How has the experience been for your own personal creativity? As the winner of our August Challenge, where you completed the 4 weekly prompts of Cherry Blossom (Sakura), Bamboo, Dragon and Bird, do you find these prompts to be challenging, useful, insightful or just fun? Maybe all of the above?

A: The Jazza's Jazzy Art Box was gifted to me by my family for my 52nd birthday and when I saw how well it was curated and presented, I was hooked! 

I think the supplies and instructions that come with them are well thought out and for 99.9% of the time work fantastic together so it's easy to come up with fun and unique ways to complete the prompts. August's prompts were especially fun for me since the box included a Japanese theme. My father grew up in Japan and my studio is decorated with all the things that he and my grand parents collected while they were there. I felt very inspired! The prompts are a great jumping off point! 

SAB:  Where do you see yourself in 5 years with your creative passions?

A: Ummm.. Probably living in a nursing home knitting sweaters for my 56 cats.. Lol.. Seriously, I'll probably be still making videos and trying out any new arts and crafts supplies you guys send me. I love learning new things and Smart Art Box is a great way to do that! 



“Autumn Mist” mixed media by Aurora 
Made from a Smart Art Box bundle
containing watercolor crayons

You can catch Aurora on the following platforms, all showcasing her vast spectrum of art, crafts, fun and beauty. We are so happy to have her as our August Challenge winner. Stay tuned and submit to be featured next month’s blog for our September Smart Art Challenge Winner. 

IG: @aurorasartworld

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