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Ten Italian Fashion Designers To Know

Displaying Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.jpg

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II – prime Milan shopping destination! Photo: Visual Hunt

How could we conclude a month’s worth of blogs on Italy without talking about fashion? After pasta and espresso, isn’t it what every Italian can’t live without?

Italy has produced fine fabrics, laces and other luxury products for centuries, and is still one of the global leaders of fashion – all you need do for proof is to go to Milan during Fashion Week! It’s pretty difficult to narrow the list of our favorite Italian fashion designers, but here is a start!

Displaying Fortuny.jpg

A selection of Fortuny Delphos Dresses, on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. Photo: Visual Hunt


You can still visit the Palazzo Fortuny in Venice today, the home of the Spanish-born artist and designer Mariano Fortuny. His couture house was open between 1906 and 1946, during which time he created avant-garde designs that stood apart from the fashionable silhouettes of the day. He also looked to history and Eastern cultures in particular for inspiration. For instance, his finely pleated silk, Greek-inspired Delphos gown, which you’ll find in many museum dress archives today, did away with the corset!

Displaying Fontana Sisters.jpg

Fontana sisters’ dress on display. Photo: Visual Hunt

Sorelle Fontana

The Fontana sisters are not known in many fashion circles today, but they were incredibly popular between 1943 and 1972, when their couture house was open. Created by sisters Zoe, Micol and Giovanna, their garments clothed some of Hollywood’s biggest names including Jackie O, Grace Kelly and Liz Taylor.

Displaying Ferragamo.jpgA giant replica of Ferragamo’s famous 1938 platform shoe. Photo: Visual Hunt


Salvatore Ferragamo’s company still produces the beautiful leather footwear it was so known for in its early days in Florence. Many of his iconic creations, such as the “rainbow platform show” made for Judy Garland in the late 1930s, were the result of experimentations with new materials such as cork because of wartime rationing during WWII.

Displaying Pucci.jpg

Classic Pucci scarves on display! Photo: Visual Hunt


What began as skiwear designs to cloth his socialite friends launched Emilio Pucci to the upper echelons of Italian fashion. Still produced today, the classic designs of Emilio Pucci can be described geometric and kaleidoscopic pastel prints that are applied to every type of garment, especially in the form of a silk scarf!

Displaying Roberta Di Camerino.jpg

Roberta di Camerino velvet bagonghis. Photo: Visual Hunt

Roberta di Camerino

Roberta di Camerino was a brand designed by Giuliana at its most famous in the 1970s. Known for velvet bags and tromple l’oeil designs that hark back to Giuliana’s Venetian upbringing, they are iconic examples of Italian fashion heritage.

Displaying Gucci.jpg

A Gucci runway show in the 2000s. Photo: Visual Hunt


Founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921, the family-run brand Gucci has known many transformations and designers, notably Tom Ford and Alessandro Michele today. Since its origins as a leatherwear company, the brand has expanded immensely, although they are still known for accessories such as belts and bags.

Displaying Valentino.jpg

Window shopping outside Valentino. Photo: Visual Hunt


After learning the trade working for French couturiers including Cristobal Balenciaga and Jacques Fath, Valentino Garavani opened his own couture house in 1959. He has known immeasurable success and still designs his breathtaking and sculptural garments today, never seeming to lack inspiration.

Displaying Versace.jpg

The Versace store at 11 Via Montenapoleone, Milan. Photo: Visual Hunt


Versace is known for its bold, skin-tight designs, first by Gianni Versace (from the company’s creation in 1978 to his death in 1997) and today by his sister Donatella Versace.

Displaying Missoni.jpg

Caleidoscopio Missoni Exhibition. Photo: Visual Hunt


Tai and Rosita Missoni founded their company in 1953 and are still known for the bright, silky knits that stood apart from what had been done in knitwear previously. They’ve had numerous collaborations with other designers, including Emmanuelle Khanh, and continue to make innovative work for the body and home.

Displaying Prada.jpg

Prada Billboards. Photo: Visual Hunt


In 1913, Mario Prada founded the company that is still at the height of Italian fashion today. Now run by the talented Miuccia Prada (along with sister brand Miu Miu), it has expanded immensely from its original leather goods specialty. In the 1990s especially, everyone had to have a Prada bag!

Displaying Armani.jpg

Armani Billboards. Photo: Visual Hunt

And as an added bonus……….

No list of Italian fashion designers is complete without mentioning Giorgio. We think the term “Armani suit” speaks for itself!



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