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Tips and Tricks for Acrylic Paint Pouring

All About Paint Pouring

Helpful tips and tricks to help you get started with your October Smart Art Box featuring Acrylic Paint Pouring!

  1. Use an aluminum baking tray to catch the excess paint. You can line it with wax paper to easily remove the dried paint skins and use them for other projects. 
  2. A good way to use leftover paint on your pan is to place a new surface such as glass, wood panel, painting paper, etc. to pick up a print from the excess dripped paint. Many times it creates its own beautiful design as it drips over.

  1. Swirl the paint as you pour it into your dirty pour cup to create more interesting effects. 
  2. You can use alcohol inks, acrylic inks, or india inks as additives in your paint pour to create a wider range in designs. Using paints with different viscosities means they also have different flow rates. So they will interact differently and create interesting patterns on the surface. 

acrylic paint pour

  1. You can reuse your cup 2-3 times to create new pours. 
  2. Apply small amounts of silicone oil at a time. Allow the silicone to take effect in order to see how much more is needed. 
  3. To activate the Pebeo Oil Marker, shake well, then pump the tip on a scrap surface until the ink begins to flow to the tip.



Stay creative all month long by completing Smart Art’s weekly challenge: 

  1. Follow the four weekly prompts as inspiration to complete an art piece using the materials in your box. 
  2. Post your artwork using #smartartproject and #smartartweekly. 
  3. Earn 500 peacock points when you complete all four challenges! 


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