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Watch Jake Reveal What's In March's Box!

Watch Jake (@NaughtyEgg Draw) reveal what is in March's Box.
March's Smart Art Box contains everything you need to try out oil paints and impasto painting.  Use the set of paint knives or the sturdy brushes to create a beautiful piece of art. 
The painting knives will wipe completely clean with a paper towel or cloth towel. 
Brushes require a little more and it is best to use a dry cloth towel/rag:
  1. Remove large amounts of paint from the bristles by using a cloth to wipe/pull off the excess paint.
  2. Gently scrub the tips of bristles back and forth on a towel to get most of the remaining paint. Rotate the cloth as it gets dirty with paint, and you continue to scrub the bristles.  
  3. Clean any remaining residue with a solvent such as paint thinner, oil medium, mineral spirits etc (there are many brands available). Alternatively, because these paints are vegetable based, a clean non-toxic approach would be to use household vegetable oil to rub on the bristles to loosen and clean up remaining paint. Alternate between cleaning with the oil, and wiping the bristles with a dry cloth, until no more paint is picked up. Make sure to wipe up as much oil as possible. 
  4. Lastly (after a solvent was used), you can gently scrub the bristles with lightly soapy water, make sure to rinse out all soap and allow the brushes to lay flat as they dry. 


Be sure to tag us @SmartArtBox and use the hashtags #SmartArtChallenge and #SmartArtProject to share your work and enter to win rewards!


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