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Where To Look For Inspiration

In this fast moving world of today, many people find it difficult to find the inspiration or motivation to keep going. This is sadly true, but at the same time we are not saying that it is impossible to find the right inspiration to give a direction to your life. After all, be it in our day to day jobs or while creating a piece of art, we cannot give it our best without being inspired to do so. Now the question is how do we find this sometimes elusive inspiration? Our first answer is to look all around you, but you need to know where to look. Here is a quick guide on how to go about starting or continuing your quest for inspiration.

Seek what motivates you: there must have been many instances in your past and present life that motivated or inspired you. Try taking a jog down memory lane and recollect the times when you felt inspired by things or situations. Check if there was a common thread linking these episodes, and gauge whether you can still find these in your life, or are they missing. If they are still there but don’t ignite that same spark, you may have moved on in life and need to find other forms for inspiration.

Find beauty in simple things: it’s true that our lives have changed drastically with the times, and we have very little time to pause and enjoy the moment. However, just try doing it once and you will be astounded to see the number of activities that inspire you, and the positivity you will derive from the entire exercise.

Connect with nature: from great poets to emperors, nature always had its own beautiful way of inspiring people. Unfortunately, that connection is not as strong for many of us today, with our laptops and smartphones taking up most of our time. We humans have a deep connection with nature, so the moment you renew the connection, you will be able to open up to what you have been missing.

People: be it your family, friends, colleagues, or a random stranger, you can find inspiration in people too. Speak to them, know what keeps them going, share ideas or maybe even join a cause that connects you to people. It will all make you happy and can even enable you to find that inspiration that has been eluding you so far.

Technology: sometimes technology has to take a backseat at times, but in case you are someone who cannot live without it, you can find inspiration here too. Watch an inspiring video, read a blog, join a forum or even try writing – there are many ways to find inspiration online too.

These are just a few ways to help you find inspiration to improve your life and work. Having said that, you shouldn’t try too hard when it comes to seeking inspiration, because it cannot be forced. Just give in to the flow, keep things simple, and you will surely succeed in this quest of yours.

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