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Find your Inner Artist Confidence!

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Do you love writing, designing, painting, composing, or [fill in your creative activity]?

You may have begun as an amateur with little or no formal education? It can sometimes be hard to see this as an asset, and not a disadvantage, when it comes to finding the confidence to advance your craft.

This short blog is our way of saying you are NOT alone! We at Smart Art Box are passionate about creating. No matter your age, background and experience, we strongly feel that everyone has the right and capacity to be an artist.

We know that the first step (and it’s a hard one) is finding the confidence to admit to ourselves that we have creative potential and talent.

Here are our five top suggestions for finding that confidence (and making it last!).

1. Practice and be patient.

We’ve all heard it before, but the lesson never gets old. The task of making something, and making something good, can often feel overwhelming and impossible at first. But with practice, it will gradually seem a whole lot easier!

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2. Art is a journey not a destination.

Try to view at your craft as a process and journey. This will help lessen the frustration you’ll inevitably feel at a result you don’t like, as well as force you to keep learning. The key is to prioritize curiosity over defeat, which is the ultimate impediment to confidence.

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3. Challenge yourself.

We just told you not to be frustrated and overly judgmental, but that doesn’t mean you are off the hook! Set challenges for yourself – both large and small, personal and professional. Even if you feel you aren’t ready, this will help get you out of your comfort zone and into the space of curiosity and creativity.

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4. Put yourself out there.

Consider this your first challenge! Finding the courage to put your work into the public sphere may seem completely terrifying at first, but it’s worth all the effort. This can mean many things: enter competitions, play in public, show your work to a professional, or…

It is this act in and of itself (and not necessarily the end result) that is meaningful and confidence boosting. And once you are out there, there’s no going back.

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5. Get Paid.

The confidence booster par excellence. We know how difficult it is in the art world to know how to value our talents, or not think we have the right to attach monetary value to them. But never forget that art is just like any other industry! Once you equate your craft and work with a paid value, you’ll see how much your confidence soars. Remember that you are worth that and more!

Happy creating!

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