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How To Make Your Selfie Into A Work Of Art, Andy Warhol Style!

We all know who Andy Warhol is. If you haven’t heard of the celebrity stories from his iconic New York studio, The Factory, or his controversial art and antics, you’ll recognize this legendary Pop artist from his impossible-to-miss white wig! Thanks to the many self-portraits he took before his death in 1987, his face is forever etched in history!

Back in Andy’s heyday, a democratic photographic technology was rocking our world: Polaroid cameras and the photo booth, the latter located in train stations and other public spaces, perfect for printing out a photo on spot! Casting aside all traditional artistic pretensions, Warhol often used these methods as tools in his self-portraiture.

Thanks to smartphone technology, today is the age of the selfie! Since technology gets stale fast, we thought we could revisit Andy’s past to inject some spice into your selfies. Read on for 5 ways of making Warhol inspired self portraits…

1. Pose with your camera in the picture – the more vintage it is, the better!

Andy Warhol Selfie 1

2. Use a prop – finally something to do with all those spare skulls you have lying around!

Andy Warhol Selfie 2

3. One word: multiples. Whether you display several photos together or play with multiple views of your own image, multiplicity is a sure-fire way to spice up any image!

Andy Warhol Selfie 3

4. Disguise yourself – bonus points for wearing electric white wigs!

Andy Warhol Selfie 4Andy Warhol Selfie 5

5. Inject color throughout your image for the ultimate Andy Warhol selfie!

Andy Warhol Selfie 6

6. One final step: share your work on Social Media: hashtag #smartartbox!

Andy Warhol Selfie 7



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