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Meet Anne! Our March Peacock Points Challenge Winner!

Meet Anne, the winner of our March Peacock Points Challenge! 

oil painting using smart arts march box.  A scene of an open window with a base knocked over.

Anne's work with March's Smart Art Box using oil paints and paint knives.  The four canvases were combined to create a beautiful scene.

Every month we choose one of our Smart Art Subscribers to feature in our official blog. The only criteria is that you participate in the weekly challenges and hashtag on your socials so we can find you.  After we scope out the internet for our favorites, we choose one winner to interview. We hope you enjoy meeting Anne as much as we did!

Don't forget to participate by tagging us @SmartArtBox and using the hashtags #SmartArtProject and #SmartArtChallenge

blog post winner sketch of a building

Where are you from and what do you do when you’re not creating?
I was born in Parchim, a small town in the North-Eastern part of Germany. Although I'm already living in Potsdam, a big city for German standards, for several years, I'm a small-town girl by heart.In my free time I pursue different hobbies other than Arts and Crafts. For me the most important one after that is surely music. Since my early childhood, I have played accordion and later piano and flute. I also love to read, especially historical and fantasy novels and now and then Manga.

When did you begin your artistic journey, and why?  
Drawing was my favorite pastime in kindergarten, and I've been doing it ever since with some breaks in between. It takes my mind off of things and with some music as a companion even more so. My name DrawMusic I use for social media originates from that.
I see myself as a hobby artist and I don't think I will be doing it full-time in the near future. Nevertheless, I love to create and gladly do some commissioned work for family and friends to help pay for some new supplies. For several years now, I've also been responsible for designing the concert-posters and CD-Covers of our little amateur orchestra.  But it's more than enough if my work is appreciated.

bright colors and abstract keyboard shape for an orchestra
Are there any artists that inspire you?
There were so many great masters in the past who inspired whole generations. From them the colourful works of Franz Marc and the lonesome, romantic works of Caspar David Friedrich made the most lasting impression on me. They are so very different in style.
Nowadays, I feel immensely inspired by the animated movies by Hayao Miyazaki or Disney and naturally all the countless amazing artists I discover everyday on Instagram or YouTube.

disney style bird playing an acordion
What made you want to subscribe to Smart Art Box? How has the pandemic affected your creative process?
The pandemic totally threw my plans for 2020 overboard, and I had suddenly more free time at hand than usual. To keep my mind busy I began to create more and wanted to see this as a chance to improve my art.
I've searched for new challenges and inspiration while staying at home alone. So I discovered Smart Art Box through some YouTubers. I thought it was the ideal choice for that situation, so I ordered my first box. I got to try new styles and media without leaving the house. That's great.  The Box and also the pandemic, in a way, helped me to broaden my skills and enhance my art. Let's see where my journey takes me from now on.

Do you have a favorite medium you are hoping will be in your next Smart Art Box?
Surprise me. I'm open to everything you come up with. Perhaps I find some new favorites and discover a style that suites me, but never tested.

cartoonish birdhouse in black and white
Where can we find your work?
My most recent works you can find on Instagram @drawmusic_78 and Facebook

Occasionally, I also post some pieces on DeviantArt, where you can also find some of my older works.

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