Wood Carving

Featured in March 2024

Wood Carving

$49.95 USD

As woodworking tools advanced over time and have become much easier to obtain, people in the modern world continue to create handmade whittled objects. Much like in the past, people still make pieces for their own personal use, but now we see people in markets with their very own handmade wood projects!

The process of using this medium takes time to truly master, but even without practice, someone can create a beautiful homemade piece of art. This month, we are providing you with all the materials you need to create some beautiful, handmade wood carving pieces. Let your creativity slice through the air this month with our wood carving projects!

What's in the box?

Wood Carving Blades, 2 PCS

Featured Tool - $20.00 USD

These 2 wood carving blades are the perfect tool for anyone getting into wood carving. With a very ergonomic design, the handle of each blade fits nicely in the hand and reduces fatigue over time. These blades are sharp and ready to carve straight out of the box, so no need to get your blade sharpener out! The larger blade makes quick work of carving the shape of your piece and the fine detail knife is suitable for making narrow cuts and detailing the wood carving project. Made from a high carbon steel, these blades are made to last and stay sharp throughout your projects!

Carving Chisel, 3 PCS

Featured Tool - $8.99 USD

This 3 PC Wood Carving Tool Set is ideal for woodworking projects that require detailed carving. This set has various sizes and each one has a specific purpose for carving detailed patterns on wood. The blades are tempered and sharpened right out of the box, and each chisel has a simple ergonomic handle for a comfortable and stable grip.

Basswood Blocks 1" x 5", 2" x 4.5", 2" x 2.75"

Featured Canvas - $10.50 USD ($1.75 Each)

Let your imagination fly and get started on your whittling projects using these Basswood Blocks! These soft and lightweight blocks of wood are ideal for carving and crafting, being perfect for both beginners or experienced woodworkers. Their light, natural color can be used as-is or it can be painted or stained to make it a one-of-a-kind piece. Providing 3 different sizes, you have everything you need to really get started in making that perfect gift for yourself or someone else!

Cut-Resistant Finger Gloves

Featured Tool - $1.80 USD

Protect your fingers from an accidental slice with these cut-resistant finger covers. Developed to fit snugly, featuring an elasticized knit-on cuff opening to help keep them from slipping off. You can wear these alone or even underneath a full clover for that extra protection while working with sharp objects! Made from a breathable fabric, you will almost forget you have these on when you're working on this month's projects!

Americana Gel Stains, Oak

Featured Medium - $3.99 USD

This Americana Gel Stain is perfect for producing antiqued or stained finishes on wood, ceramic bisque, papier mâché, resins, and plaster craft. The thick and creamy consistency does not drip or spill, making it easy to work and mess free. The water based stain is low odor and cleans up with soap and water, making it great for DIY projects indoors or outdoors.

DecoArt Acrylic Glazing Medium

Featured Medium - $4.25 USD

Glazing Medium, when mixed with acrylic or latex paint, creates a glaze that can be used for professional-looking finishes on walls, furniture, decorative accents and other hard surfaces. This is the perfect addition to any piece of art to really give it that professional look in the end. Use mixed or on its own to add a hint of gloss to any sculpture, painting or carving.

Americana Acrylics Paint, 4 PCS Set

Featured Medium - $10.50x USD

As DecoArt's flagship acrylic paint for over 35 years, this all-purpose acrylic paint can be used for a variety of art, crafts, and creating of all kinds. With a water-based acrylic paint, you can use this straight out of the bottle, or you can thin it out with just a little bit of water. Shake well before use, and can be applied with just a brush. Works well on many surfaces such as canvas, paper, wood, metal and so much more!

6 PCS Variety Brush Set

Featured Tool - $9.99 USD

These brushes are made from durable nylon hair and sturdy wooden handles. These soft and flexible bristles pick-up paint well and release it smoothly. These handles provide a perfect balance and precise control while painting. The high quality brush hair is firmly sealed to ensure no wiggling or shedding, and the sturdy wood handles are lacquered to give a brilliant high-gloss, waterproof finish that reduces soiling and swelling.