Sumi-e Ink

Featured in April 2024

Sumi-e Ink

$49.95 USD

Japanese Monochrome ink painting, or sumi-e, is the epitome of the Japanese aesthetic. Using simple black ink and well thought out white negative space, sumi-e captures the endless beauty of our world. The origin of sumi-e paintings have roots in ancient Chinese calligraphy, which can be noted by the similar brush strokes they both exhibit.

Sumi-e is described as art done in monochrome, with the use of sumi ink, Sumi-e translates to black ink painting! Today, modern sumi-e includes a wide range of colors and hues alongside the different shades of black.

What's in the box?

Pebeo Colorex Watercolor Inks, 6pcs Set

Featured Medium - $26.66

This highly pigmented ink is ideal for cartoonists, designers, and watercolor artists alike. Pebeo Colorex inks are extremely bright and dry to a velvety finish. The transparent dye-based inks are highly concentrated and can be diluted with just a bit of water. Colorex can be applied pure or diluted with a brush, airbrush, or dip pen.

Brown Calligraphy Brushes, 3 pcs

Featured Tool - $11.00

Ideal for use with Sumi ink, drawing inks and watercolors, these bamboo brushes are excellent for creating a variety of interesting brush strokes. They are also ideal for coloring and character drawing. The durable, natural hairs are set in bamboo handles. These are suitable for beginners and professionals of all types.

Fabriano 1264 Watercolor Pads, 4"x8"

Featured Canvas - $6.75

Fabriano 1264 Watercolor Pads feature 140 lb. (300 gsm) cold-press acid-free textured watercolor paper in bright white that works for all wet techniques, as well as lifting and scrubbing for students and professionals. Use with watercolor, gouache, acrylic, acrylic ink, pen and ink, pencil and colored pencil. This 100% virgin wood pulp paper is made using hydro power and is FSC Certified. Made in Italy.

Cut Edge Watercolor Paper, 8"x10", 5 sheets

Fetured Canvas - $5.99

This cold pressed watercolor paper has a light texture with a durable finish. It reflects light well, retaining the transparent quality of watercolors. A light tooth makes it easier to achieve certain details in your artwork. This paper works well with watercolors, gouache, acrylic and dry drawing media.

Clear Flower Paint Palette

Featured Tool - $5.99

This lotus shaped palette is the perfect addition to your watercolor painting arsenal. Made of high-quality plastic material, this palette allows you to easily see the colors in your watercolor palette, making it a breeze to mix and match hues. This is made of a strong and long-lasting plastic that is break-resistant, with a smooth surface that can be used repeatedly. Easy to clean with just a little bit of soap and water, let it dry and you’re ready to make another masterpiece.

Gelly Roll Gel Pen, White

Featured Medium - $1.66

Gelly Roll ink is a hybrid of the best features of ballpoint pen's grease and a rollerball's liquid ink. These pens glide smoothly, won’t bleed or blot, and dry to be waterproof and fade-resistant. The gel ink is non-toxic and waterproof on most surfaces and keeps a glossy finish.

Stainless Steel Cup, 160ml

Featured Tool - $2.99

These stainless steel cups are made of high-quality steel, with high hardness and resistance to deformation. This cup can be used and cleaned in the dishwasher. The polishing process makes the cup smoother to the touch, making it a perfect place to place your brushes when you aren’t using them.