Featured in May 2024


$49.95 USD

Hydro-dipping and water marbling has become extremely popular in modern days. With the access to paints and films that are premade for users, it can make the process feel like plug-and-play to the average person. Having the ability to dip objects in the comfort of your home or studio without any hightech machines makes the process simple, easy and fun!

What's in the box?

Marabu 15ml Easy Marble, 8 PCS

Featured Medium - $34.96 USD

Hydro-dipping made easy with Easy Marble paint and water! Create colorful and elegant marble effects in a matter of seconds. Add the paint to the surface of water with just drip, swirl and dip! Use on paper, glass, plastic, metal, wood, papier-mâché, polyester, polypropylene, smooth foam and so much more. Colors included, white, pink, light blue, aqua green, turquoise, silver, gold and black.

Plastic Bunny Keyring, 5 Pack

Featured Canvas - $11.99 USD

Personalize your keys, backpack or purse with these little bunny keychain blanks! Designed with customization in mind with their bright white smooth plastic. Perfect for the use of hydro-dipping, paint pouring, and markers. Make your keyring a one-of-a-kind set that no one else has!

Acrylic Keyring Blanks, Round & Rectangle

Featured Canvas - $3.99 USD

Make your keyring stand out with these acrylic keyring blanks! Laser cut into round and rectangular shapes from crystal-clear acrylic sheets and prepared with a sublimation coating. The smooth acrylic surface is perfect for customization with your Marabu marbling paints!

White Pencils, 5 Pack

Featured Canvas - $2.99 USD

Be the cool kid on the block and stand out with the coolest pencils around! These bright white pencils are the perfect canvas, awaiting your personal touch for a truly unique writing experience. Dive into the creative world of DIY creativity by hydro-dipping them with mesmerizing swirls of color that reflect your inner artist. Just remember to let them fully dry before sharpening for the first time!

Plastic Pencil Case, White

Featured Canvas - $3.99 USD

This brilliant white pencil case is ready to use right out of the box, but why not make this the staple piece on your desk! With the bright white color, this case is ready to be transformed into a stunning hydro-dripping piece. Make a unique looking storage container to organize all of your marbled pencils and keyrings this month.

Marbling Multi-tool Comb

Featured Tool - $4.00 USD

This marbling multi-tool comb has a 3-in-1 design, allowing you 3 different pattern types and ripple effects to your dipping projects. Drip your colors into the water and use 1 of the 3 ends to brush across the paints to create waves and swirls. Once design is created, clean off with a towel and store away for your next marbling project!

Silicone Storage Container

Featured Tool - $8.99 USD

This ready to go storage and dip container is the perfect tool for hydro-dipping objects around your house! Unfold and fill with water, then you’re ready to go with its sturdy design that won't collapse under the weight of the water. Once you're finished dipping, pour your water out, dry with a towel and you’re ready to fold it back up and store away for your next marbling session!

Bamboo Skewers & Disposable Gloves


Make cool swirls in your paint with your bamboo skewers all while staying clean and keeping the paint off of your hands with your disposable gloves! The skewers can be used to clean up leftover paint in your water after you complete your dipping project. Just swirl it into the water to collect the paint floating around the surface of the water!